About eFlow Projector

The eflow Projector is a web-based reporting tool that:

  • Reports on the overall success of meeting environmental flow objectives. 
  • Reports the relative contribution that delivered environmental water made to meeting environmental flow objectives.
  • Reports on the success of flow components (magnitude, duration, count and independence) that make up the flow objective.
  • Allows partial success of watering events to be considered.
Water flowing in a stream in Melbourne, Victoria. Credit: Adrian Winther

​Who it is for​

The eflow Projector is for environmental water managers to allow them to better plan upcoming watering strategies and to report on the outcomes of watering plans. ​

Where it applies​

The eFlow Projector applies anywhere that has daily streamflow data. A core feature of an eFlow Projector group is a reporting system where the user specifies the reporting locations (reaches) to assess.

How it works

The eflow Projector analyses daily time series flow records for the prescribed season for each flow rule and creates a success score against the different components of the flow regime (magnitude, duration, count, independence). These component scores are aggregated by multiplying the flow component scores for the flow rule for the season.​

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Concept of partial success​

Environmental outcomes are rarely binary. eflow Projector allows the creation of continuous functions for scoring success so that partially meeting a flow objective can be reported.


The underlying computational approach was developed through a project with the Victorian Environmental Water Holder in 2020. Through that project, broader interest in applying the approach was raised by several water managers. The eflow Projector is a generalized interpretation of the initial tool which has been extended to allow groups to exist.​


Truii Pty Ltd owns the eflow Projector. The eflow Projector is provided as a service by Truii Pty Ltd. Truii charges an access fee to cover the cost of development, hosting and support. ​

How development is managed

The prioritisation of new functionality and refinement is management by a steering committee chaired by Truii. The eflow Projector steering committee meets up to quarterly (as demand requires). The steering committee considers development priorities and the timing of future functionality releases.​